Rock n Roll / Roadkill

by G-Biz

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released June 3, 2011

All songs by G-Biz
G-Biz is Matt Ernster and G-Nome
All lyrics/vocals by Matt Ernster
All beats by G-Nome
Recorded/Mixed by Mike Wisti at Albatross Studio
Mastered by Matt Ernster
Cover design by Matt Ernster
Layout by Niki Garayalde
Cover photos by Mason Meisch


all rights reserved



G-Biz Minneapolis, Minnesota

noisey-ass, rap music.

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Track Name: Redneck Make-a-Wish
Redneck Make-a-Wish

I like to shoot the moose while they snooze in their moat
And I’m driving around in my 4-wheel boat
Bustin’ caps in Bambi’s mom and I’m schoolin’ the fish
I’m Dying of redneck cancer and this be my Make-a-Wish
Camouflage is my best color, blaze orange is just fronting
Getting even more retarded as I go head hunting

And I once knew a guy who lost an eye
crashed his snow mobile while he was high
It’s a shame that he survived
He would have screwed elk too if his dick was the right size
Instead he raped little girls and kicked his dogs
And shot at ducks, and deer, and elk and moose in their bogs
He should have had an aneurism
Before he spread his gism
But the build up of those devils makes him shoot and miss ‘em
Before I die of cancer
I gotta shoot Dasher and Dancer
Since Falwell’s dead
Jack Van Impe has the answer

And I once knew a guy who lost an eye
He crashed his 4-wheeler while he was high
It’s a shame that he survived
Why, oh why, did he not die

So what you gonna do
When we’re stalking you
I’ve got a gun that’s ready to wail
Every time I see a sweet-ass piece of tail

Redneck wrestling fans and hip-hop thugs
Make a volatile mix when you’re down at the club

Hock a loogy in my spit cup
‘Cause I’m chewing Skoal, gonna fill it up
When I see a bitch, gonna grab the butt
Bitch, make me a sandwich and gimme that nut

Over my mantle be a giant moose head
A loaded 12 gauge be under my bed
Got a John Deer tractor out in my shed
Gonna find some critters, gonna make ‘em dead

I got the red neck
Got the bounced check
Got my bitch knocked up
Got the beer gut

Every time I see ‘em I am filled with excitement
It doesn’t mean that I’m a racist,
It just means that I don’t like them

I once knew a guy who lost an eye
He crashed his motor-cross/monster truck while he was high
It’s a shame that he survived
Why, oh why, did he not die
Track Name: June 6, 2006
June 6th, 2006

On June 6th, 2006
I ate six red jelly beans.
What does that mean?
And what does that mean?
you can go ahead and push that button.
When something happen in south side, nothing happens.
It’s just another sucker dead.
It’s just another six bullets in your head.

I enjoy being an M.C.
My name is M.E.
I am the B.G.
Representing the G dash B-I-Z.

I’m dating the girl of my dreams.
She’s got red hair, big eyes, and high beams.
Every time I see her, I like what I sees
I wanna run uo to her and give her a big squeeze
and say, “baby … please!”
you’re making my weak in the knees.”
We are the O.G.s
Let’s get it on and carry on with the sleaze!”

Sweet succulant Antonie
Know that you are my one and only
And I got to get what you got
‘Cause you the foxiest fox and a true sex pot

On June 6th, 2006
I kissed my girl’s soft red lips
what does that mean?
It means I love her.
and if she asked me to,
I’d cold kill Danny Glover,
And bring back a bouquet of flowers
And we’ll get it on for hours and hours

Sweet succulant Antonie…
Track Name: We Gotta Run
We Gotta Run

I like my TV
I like my Blueray DVD
I like my money
Buying lots of bitches for me

I got it going on
Gonna get it get it on
We’re gonna bang that gong
While we be banging all night long

Sittting in my cubicle
Wondering how life has got dull
30 year of work just to get down sized
but that’s alright

Here I am and here I sit
No light outside, no striking wit
No light inside, forgot to think
A drunken man too drunk to drink

And that’s alright

There’s something wrong with things
When the poorest folks are fat as hell
And the richest hoes are skank nasty gross
But that’s alright

There’s something wrong with things
When we burn our food just to drive to work
To pay for food that we can’t afford
and that’s alright

We got to run…
From the legalized pigs who steal our fun
We got to run…
They’re coming for us and here they come

Going to a place that I do not know
Going out my myself to watch the rock n roll
A 97 is the best I bowl
Going at a pace that we can’t control

And we got to run….

Hey baby, you got some bread?
Hey baby, give me some head
Hey baby, if we don’t eat we’re dead
Hey baby, give me some bread

And we got to run….
Track Name: Rock n Roll / Roadkill
Rock n Roll/Roadkill

You got that guitar, so shred it! Baby, shred it!
You know you’re the star and you did it, baby! Did it!
See that duck on the road? Hit it! Baby, Hit it!
Make it explode, a bloody stain on the pavement
‘Cause you know it was late for another mortgage payment

And you are what I want to be when I’m an adult…

There’s a rabbit that’s crossing the road
Hit it! Hit it! Make it explode
Under both tires, thump, thump, thump
Its head and its brains be squeezed out of its rump
Drag it down the road. ‘round and’ round your wheels
For miles and miles, making millions of meals

And you are what I want to be when I’m an adult…

Hey, look at that deer
It’s caught in you headlights, so make it disappear
Make it sail through the night
Make it splatter like a pie
Send her head this way and her tail that
And the rest of her gonna go splat splat splat

And you are what I want to be when I’m an adult…

There’s a raccoon and he’s crossed too soon
Hit it! Hit it! Splat! Ka’boom!
Under four tires and over the moon
Hit it! Hit it! Splat! Ka’boom!
There’s some blood on your windows,
and some guts on your mirror
Tie its tail to your antenna
And have another beer or
Seven! Seven! For sodomy, seven!
That raccoon’s dead and it ain’t in heaven

And you are what I want to be when I’m an adult…
Track Name: The Worms
The Worms

Young Jacob was born with both his eyes
But he didn’t notice it most the time
Then one day at a park
His head tilted high
A smile lit his face
And his mouth, it open wide
In the sky
There’s some birds
That fly.
And look!
Down below
In the earth
There’s some earth worms
They’re hungry little devils
Eating all of your loved ones that have died
Eating all of your best friends that have died

But why
Are they

The worms are eaten by birds
And we are in turn eaten by worms
We’re turned back into dirt
A place for worms to grow and live

But why
Are they
Track Name: 2-Step

I was living in my house the other day
Until the government came and took me away
They had their there, what they were was never clear
They dragged my naked outside and they search my colon there

Is it depression or disease
Telling it to the millipedes
I can’t ever believe
No, I can’t ever believe

Get yourself a plot to stop a cop
‘Cause all they ever do is propagate rot
‘Cause all they ever is pigs, they ain’t piggies
over compensating for dicks that ain’t biggies

I got a good job killing them cows
Working all day almost minumum wage
Use bolt gun. Kill them in the cage
Drink the bud light in back of them plows
I got a 22 gonna shoot a critter
When you throw it in the ditch
Don’t consider it litter
Track Name: Gonna Get Crunk
Gonna Get Crunk

We’re gonna get crunk and we gonna get crazy
And we’re gonna keep bumping around
We’ll drink our beer until our pee turns clear
And we’re making these obnoxcious sounds
We’ll rock full throttle while we’re suckin on a bottle
And we’re on at least our fourteenth round
We’re gonna get crunk and we gonna get crazy
And we’re gonna keep bumping around

Well we gonna get crunk and we gonna have fun
While we’re drinkin’ up all of the beer
Until out eyes get clowdy and we’re getting rowdy
And we’re no longer speaking clear
We gonna play a show
And we gonna burn it down
And we gonna keep bumpin’ around
Well we’re gonna get crunk
And we gonna get crazy
And we gonna keep bumpin’ around

I was walking down the street by myself one day
When it started to get dark hey hey hey hey
I round the corner and guess what I saw,
I saw eighteen raccoons drinking eight quarts of boon
And the started growling at me
They chased me down the street and up into a tree
Hissing at me hey hey hey hey
They all have rabies, they’re foaming at the mouth
Growling at me in the drawl of the south
It’s a gonna be my day today…

I went to the bank to get me a buck
They said, “sorry son you’re out of luck.
You owe us seventy bones hey hey hey hey,
And you better pay up by the end of the day.”
There’s not a penny to my name, can’t you cut me a break?
There’s only seven more hours till I’m at the bottom of a lake?
I guess it could be worse hey hey hey hey
It’s a gonna be my day today…
Track Name: We All Screwed
We All Screwed

I’ve been sucking silly secretes as I’m sucking on the marrow
And I’m running off the railings as I run the straight and narrow
If we ever gonna get we won’t ever get it square
Hey, life for all us suckers ain’t ever fair

And there ain’t no solution
For the blatant prostitution
Of America
We all screwed…

I’m a blue dressed swine sporting some copper
And I’m gonna crack you spine for not acting proper
I’ve been worrying lately that I might have a heart attack
But I think it might be that I’m just a hypochondriac
Or by the time I’m forty my hearts gonna explode
If not I’ll be confused why my life’s in this mode

And I’m a cartoon copper trying to find the dog
Who runs the hometown paper and a baby blog
If you throw me a bone, just a quarter or two
I’ll get up and do a dance for you
And I’m living, barely living, on a dollar a day
And that’s just fine, life is still OK

And there ain’t no solution…

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